PLANT CONSTRUCTION and engineering clients can be quite secretive:

Pickling of stainless steel sheets protects from corrosion and increases the life span of the produced work pieces. Pickling brings about an intensive cleaning of the surface, making it free from oxides and contamination through traces of other metals. And after pickling it has a silk matt sheen.

The Task

A German industrial company asked us to build components for a machine that pickles sheet metal. Originally the entire pickling line was supposed to have been made of plastic.

Later it was decided that some of the components should be made out of stainless steel. The only thing that we really knew was that the pickling process used for finishing the sheet metal would have a temperature of about 80° C. The pickling line was to be set up in Asia.

Our solution

  • Determination of material used: here, Stefan Berendes, a stainless steel expert, advised our client’s project team.
  • Highly precise production: sheets can be transported through the pickling tunnel without any problems.
  • Precise production of connectors and flanges for nozzle tubes and drive rollers.
  • Pickling tunnel size: L = 12,000 mm, H = 3,675 mm, W = 1,580 mm
  • Project duration: approx. 3 months

Customer benefit

Faster assembly through highly precise production

Fewer down times

High level of productivity

Fast amortisation









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