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Pipeline construction covers the construction of pipe systems for the transport of all kinds of media such as greases, oils, water, gases, fuels, chemicals etc. In industrial usage the piping systems have to deal with direct contact with the materials being transported and external factors such as variations in pressure, high humidity, cold and heat.

The task

The client, a glass finishing company, asked us to put in the entire piping for a new factory building. The challenge: there was an enormous heat inside the building due to the existing kilns. The materials that needed to be transported were: incoming and exhaust for the kilns as well as gas and pressurized air for the production facilities. The production site is located in Germany.

Our solution

  • Consulting on the routing of the pipes
  • Design of the piping with respect to size and dimensions
  • Consultation with gas supplier
  • Installation of circ 500 meters of piping
  • Project duration: ca. 2 months

Customer benefit

On time production as set out in the project plan

Punctual start of production

No costs for downtime

Proper choice of material for the exhaust stacks of the kilns as determined by experts – an important factor due to the enormous heat produced by the kilns.






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