In MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, we help to put motors through extreme tests:

Engine test benches are used to test motors with respect to their functionality – independent from their usual work environment. The goal is to optimise certain characteristics such as fuel consumption. They also serve to carry out endurance tests. Here the motors are subject to extreme conditions in order to find out where the weak spots of various components are and eliminate these before serial production starts. The engine test benches are to be used in Germany, Asia and South America.

The task

An internationally active German automotive company asked us to construct the media supply and engine cooling for engine test benches for cars and motorcycles.

The special thing about this job:
We had to guarantee that in our solution the oil would flow without any aeration or bubble formation.

Our solution

  • Selection of material
  • Determination of the necessary components: container, tank, valves, pipe sizes
  • Structure of the petrol supply
  • Construction and assembly of the petrol tank
  • Piping and connection of the petrol tank to the engine test bench
  • Piping and design of the oil injection
  • Design of the motor cooling system
  • Piping for the motor cooling system including all the materials
  • Production and assembly of the engine coolant and the condensing coil consisting
  • of two fluid reservoirs and a coolant reservoir made of stainless steel.
  • Project duration: ca. 2 months

Customer benefit

Fast production and assembly

Components with a long life cycle

Precise measurements of the oil level (determination of ideal oil level)






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