We DON'T do things by halves:

Say you need a special stainless steel component for one of your instruments or machines. Or you need a pressure vessel for various fluids. Or you are looking for an expert for stainless steel pipe construction. Then look no further! Berendes Metalltechnik GmbH is your high-performance partner. We are there to realise your project according to your specifications. And we will do it with dedication, skill and on time – in top quality and to your complete satisfaction.

You have a plan? We will support you.

Already in the planning stage and in the creation of technical drawings, building plans, working plans and welding schedules for your custom made stainless steel parts we are there to help your with ultra modern computer applications. For detail engineering, for example, we use state-of-the-art CAD programmes with 2-D and 3-D graphics. Regardless of whether it is apparatus engineering, plant engineering and construction, tank construction, mechanical engineering or pipeline construction: with Berendes Metalltechnik GmbH, the precise and on-time completion of your order is ensured right from the very start.

Precision manufacturing? We are masters of our trade.

The quality of the final product depends on a number of factors: the choice of the right material, the technology and/or process used and the skills of the person carrying it out. With us, you are always on the safe side: our managing director, Stefan Berendes, is an internationally renowned expert for stainless steel. In addition, we have a modern fleet of machines. Our team consists of experienced skilled workers who undergo regular undergo further training.

On-site assembly? No problem.

Our services go way beyond planning support and manufacture: we will gladly carry out the on-site assembly and carry out the final inspection. We will also carry out a full documentation. If you want, we will also carry out the maintenance for our custom-made stainless steel constructions.


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Heart and soul for stainless steel.

When it comes to quality, usability and cost-effectiveness, there is no alternative to stainless steel. It is the answer to production problems in the pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals or cosmetics industry. And stainless steel saves a lot of costs. And it is 100% recyclable. The trick: steel and stainless steel – depending on their use and application – can always be re-invented.

Stainless steel in the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemicals industries

When producing foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, stainless steel ensures that the machine surfaces that come into contact with the products are cleanable and corrosion resistant. This ensures a trouble-free and – due to a reduction in down times – more profitable production process. In the chemicals industry, rust-free stainless steel protects the machines and components from the effects of hot gases and vapours as well as chemicals. Here the use of stainless steel increases a machines life span.

Our expert for stainless steel: Stefan Berendes

Due to his enormous range of experience and expertise, our managing director Stefan Berendes is a highly sought after expert. Our international industrial clients value his knowledge of the applications for stainless steel and his experience in handling and machining it. Because there are innumerable different kinds of stainless steel, it is essential to choose the kind best suited to the task at hand before your custom designed piece goes into production. Here Stefan Berendes is the right address.

We do everything for our clients

Our motto: we make your goals our goals. That starts with perfect project management. Responsibilities are clearly assigned before the project starts so that you always have a single point of contact who is always there for you. That creates transparency, shortens communications and work processes and optimises the entire project flow.

We help wherever we can.

Should you have any questions about steel, stainless steel, rules and regulations and norms, Stefan Berendes would be glad to answer them. And in case of a disruption or downtime, we can help to keep it as short as possible. Our emergency assembly team will be on its way to you as quickly as possible – if necessary, to any location around the globe. We promise!